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Our Helping to
the world.

Our Helping to
the world.

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What we are doing

We Are In A Mission To Help The Helpless

Dialysis Center

To Develop, maintain and run dialysis centes for providing free treatment to the patients frim economically backward section of the society irrespective of caste, creeed, religion, genter, etc.


To set up instituions including schools, colleges, vocational training centers, research centers etc to persons with Mental Retardation/disability.

Social Services

To estabilsh, maintain , run, develop, improve, extend, grant doantions for and to aid, assist in the establishment, maintenance, running, development.

About our foundetion

We Are In A Mission To Help Helpless

Hundreds of patients are suffering from kidney disease in Puthige , Enmakaje ,Badiyadka ,Kumbla ,Madhur ,Mogral Puthur panchayats. Unlike other diseases, dialysis patients are unable to work properly or earn income. Those suffering from kidney disease incurring heavy expenses. It’s biggest disadvantage is that it requires dialysis for the rest of their life.That is why every person undergoing dialysis is eligible for free dialysis. Aysha Memorial Dialysis Center (AMDC) has been started in Seethangoli with the aim of providing free dialysis to everyone .

Being a dialysis patient is the most unfortunate thing one can have. If he falls ill, he loses money, savings and business. Even those who have enough money have to become poor. Loneliness , even from family, leading to mental stress and eventually death.Losing hope and wishing for death. People have came to this major medical conditions like dialysis because of the little ignorance as a part of their life. Although doctors call it a lifestyle disease, there isn’t any definite lifestyle change.All the major diseases we see today are due to changes in the way we live, eat, drink and sleep. By changing lifestyle and diet, many diseases can be prevented without being serious for a longer period of time. Many diseases can be cured by changing into right diet and lifestyle.

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